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How about the quality and strength of Airbrisk OEM/ODM air purifiers?
From product development to 3+ feasibility studies, after a series of pre-production preparations, such as 5+ review meetings, 20+ quality inspections, and 30+ performance tests, a qualified product can get a production license. The product testing after production is also strict and standard. F
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Airbrisk Wins 5 China Technology Awards
Recently, the China Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology Industrialization announced the list of winners of the Science and Technology Awards, and Airbrisk won 5 Science and Technology Awards!
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Air Conditioner's Production And R&D
Production is an important part of the competitive advantage of Airbrisk products. We focus on the design and coordination of processes to produce products that meet people's needs in more efficient, cost-effective and innovative ways. Airbrisk Committed to the research of air conditioners, air cool
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Top 10 Air Conditioner Manufacturers in China
Air conditioners belong to a large category, and the frequency of use is very high, so we must choose big brands when choosing. Let's take a look at the TOP 10 air conditioner brand rankings in China? The TOP 10 brands of excellent air conditioners include Gree, Midea, Haier, Aux, Hisense, KEYCOOL, TCL, Mitsubishi Electric,Changhong and Airbrisk.
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Misunderstandings In The Use Of Air Conditioners And Daily Precautions For Air Conditioners
Note 1: The air in the air-conditioned room should be replaced in timeNowadays, many air conditioners carry functions such as negative ions and ventilation. Users feel that the air cooled by these air conditioners is beneficial to health. In fact, even with these functions, we need to open doors and
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Blowing the air conditioner when covered with a quilt? NO!
Summer comes, many people in the process of blowing air conditioning because of a variety of reasons suffered from "air conditioning disease".As we have learned,air-conditioning disease refers to people who have been in an air-conditioned environment for a long time. Due to the lack of air circulati
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