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Misunderstandings In The Use Of Air Conditioners And Daily Precautions For Air Conditioners

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-22      Origin: Site

Note 1: The air in the air-conditioned room should be replaced in time

Nowadays, many air conditioners carry functions such as negative ions and ventilation. Users feel that the air cooled by these air conditioners is beneficial to health. In fact, even with these functions, we need to open doors and windows after a certain period of time to ventilate the indoor air.

Special reminder: When using the air conditioner for a long time, the user should open the window regularly to allow the air in the room and the outside air to form convection, which is most beneficial to health.

Note 2: The air conditioner cannot be used for a long time

The core of the work of the air conditioner is the compressor, which contains lubricating oil. If it is not used for a long time, the lubricating oil will condense, which may cause the compressor to be stuck when it is used again.

Special reminder: In the season when the air conditioner is not used, it is best to keep the usage amount of turning it on once a month.

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Note 3: Cleaning the air conditioner can not only wash the filter

Among all household appliances, the dust pollution of air conditioners is the most serious, and the cleaning of air conditioners is also the most easily overlooked thing. Some users install the air conditioner and use it for many years without cleaning it until it breaks down.

Special reminder: Air conditioners generally need to be cleaned and maintained before use in summer or after use in autumn. In fact, the cleaning of the air conditioner can generally be done by the user alone.

The first is to clean the interior. The filter must be cleaned, and before the photocatalyst in the air conditioner is used, it needs to be exposed to the sun for ten minutes to maintain its function. If it has been used for a long time, there is a lot of dust in the internal unit, and the evaporator also needs to be cleaned. For air conditioners that work in places with a lot of oil smoke, the entire air conditioner needs to be removed and cleaned thoroughly.

In addition to the inner unit, the outer unit must also be cleaned. If the outdoor unit is not hung high outdoors, the user can clean the condenser and heat exchange with clean water.

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Note 4: It is not necessary to install an awning when the outdoor unit is exposed. Be careful when the air conditioner is installed by the air conditioner installation master.

In fact, if the hanging position of the outdoor machine is good, there is no need for an awning to protect from the wind and rain. Because the external unit is designed with waterproof, acid-proof and rust-proof functions, no additional shielding is required. However, if the outdoor machine is often exposed to the sun, it is best to have an awning. When installing the awning, the user must pay attention to the size of the awning, because a too small awning will affect the heat exchange of the air conditioner.

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