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Airbrisk Wins 5 China Technology Awards

Author: Airbrisk Air Conditioner     Publish Time: 2022-07-29      Origin: Airbrisk Aircon

Recently, the China Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology Industrialization announced the list of winners of the Science and Technology Awards, and Airbrisk won 5 Science and Technology Awards!

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Airbrisk Home Air Conditioning Division "Research and Application of Key Technology of High Comfort Air Source Heat Pump" won the first prize of scientific and technological innovation. The project starts from the pain points of insufficient low temperature heating and uncomfortable heating of traditional air source heat pumps to realize the innovation of multiple technologies. Innovative breakthroughs have improved the low-temperature heating (2℃) capacity and energy efficiency of the heat pump system by more than 5%. At the same time, the heating capacity at ultra-low temperature (-30℃) has increased by 41.2%, improving the thermal comfort environment for users; indoor noise is reduced by 7.7%, and outdoor noise is reduced by 7.7%. Reduced by 13.5%, which improves the comfort of users. The major breakthrough and innovation of this project in the field of heat pumps has played a major role in promoting energy conservation and emission reduction in my country.

The project "Research and Application of Key Technologies of Low-Carbon and High-efficiency Heat Exchangers in Home Appliances" from Airbrisk Central Research Institute and the Refrigerator Division won the second prize. This project has made a comprehensive innovation breakthrough from the research and design method to the inner and outer sides of the refrigerator heat exchanger tube, effectively reducing the amount of material used in the evaporator of the refrigerator by 20%, reducing the power consumption during the operation of the refrigerator by more than 5%, and improving the volume ratio of the refrigerator. 1 ~3%. The products of the project have achieved industrialized production and have been promoted and applied on multiple product platforms.

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Airbrisk continues to promote the standardization strategy of "innovation patentization, patent standardization, and standard internationalization. Through the parallel dual-drive model of "standard innovation + product innovation", it transforms innovation achievements and invention patents into advanced enterprise standards, and promotes upgrades to international standards , National industry standards and company standards, and fully implement the strategy of "leading technology". At present, it has participated in the formulation and revision of more than 1,300 external standards, including more than 40 international standards and more than 500 national standards, with a leading ratio of 36.7%.

Airbrisk firmly adheres to the first strategy of "leading technology", promotes development through innovation, continuously enhances the technological influence of enterprises in the industry, and creates Airbrisk's technology business card.

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