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Air Conditioner's Production And R&D

Author: Airbrisk Aircon     Publish Time: 2022-07-22      Origin: Airbrisk Air Conditioner

Production is an important part of the competitive advantage of Airbrisk products. We focus on the design and coordination of processes to produce products that meet people's needs in more efficient, cost-effective and innovative ways.

Airbrisk Committed to the research of air conditioners, air coolers, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers, and continue to deepen the research on home appliance.

Over the years, we have been focusing on how to solve human indoor temperature and humidity regulation and air health problems. In the process of researching environmental protection technology products, we hope to improve people's living standards through air conditioners, air purification dehumidifiers and other equipment.

R & D Center

It has a group of R&D teams in the field of healthy home appliances, most of which have rich experience in R&D in the home appliance industry.

AC manufacturer

Product Planning Department

Always keep abreast of market trends, send out from yourself, start from the market, and start from user needs, design products that meet the current needs, meet market needs, and meet user needs.

We have more than 60 R&D engineers and we will develop 2- 3 new designs every year.

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Testing and Evaluation Center

The testing and evaluation center conducts multiple evaluations on raw materials and finished products to ensure product stability and reliable quality.

We have our own testing-lab with TUV SGS standard, from Noise, Energy, safety. Vibration. Performance, simulating users and aging .er we can all test, we will make sure every units will received 100% tested,we take strict quality control system during our production, for incoming material, in production quality check, also include outgoing quality check. For example Raw material quality check,if a raw material supplier want to become our supplier,we will test their material in our testing lab for 3 months,if their quality is no problem after our strict quality testing.then they can become our reliable partner supplier,during each production procedure.

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