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Is Air Conditioner Filter Disinfection Really Necessary?

Author: Airbrisk Air Conditioner     Publish Time: 2022-07-04      Origin: Airbrisk Aircon

     Recently, as people pay attention to the health of indoor air, whether the air conditioner can blow a healthy wind, it has also become a lot of users' questions, so when the household air conditioner is used for many years,do you know how dirty the air conditioning filter is?Do you know how many bacteria there are in the air-conditioning filter?Do you know how much pollution this filter with a thick layer of dust can cause to the indoor air?

The harm of long without cleaning:

High power consumption: when the evaporator of air conditioning indoor unit and the condenser of outdoor unit are covered with dust, it will affect the distribution of cold air conditioning and heat, resulting in the weakening of the cooling or heating effect of air conditioning.

Air pollution: When the air conditioning is turned on, the bacteria in the air conditioning will be directly blown away into the indoor air, causing direct harm to the human body.Many families stop using the air conditioning after the summer , and they will ignore the cleaning of air conditioning, so the air conditioning vacuuming network adsorption of a lot of dust, mites, pollen, lice and mold began to multiply.When the air conditioner is used again the next year, these germs, viruses, mold, and dust are blown out by the air conditioner, often causing large-scale respiratory infections and allergic dermatitis.

Do one more step at a time

      Today, there are still most families who usually clean the air conditioning only at the filter level, but in fact, this does not completely remove the pollution caused by the air conditioning.Because the filter only filters a part of the dust, there is still some dust accumulated on the heat sink through the filter, and accumulated a large number of germs.

      After understanding the real cause of air conditioning pollution, we can do one more step in cleaning the air conditioning each time, cleaning the filter screen and cleaning and disinfecting the air conditioning radiator, so as to effectively inhibit the breeding of the radiator bacteria to bring pollution to the indoor air.

air conditioner cleaning

Disinfect once a month

      In this regard, disinfection air conditioning heat sink should use regular air conditioning disinfectant, you can easily complete.

Every year, the air conditioning should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the first start of the season. However, in the frequent use of air conditioning months, such as summer, because people may stay in the air conditioning room for a long time, the indoor air quality directly affects our health, so it is necessary to clean the air conditioning regularly.The simple way is to disinfect the air conditioner once a month.

     Air conditioning heat sink can not be removed, and because of the particularity of its mechanism, only by wet cloth wipe, brush cleaning and other means is useless, but also easy to damage the heat sink.In this regard, disinfection air conditioning heat sink should use regular air conditioning disinfectant, you can easily complete.At the same time, the selection of products need to have the "national Ministry of Health disinfection product certificate number", so that the sterilization and disinfection effect is guaranteed.In addition, because of the dirt and germs on the heat sink are removed, the air conditioning refrigeration effect will be better.

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