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How to improve residential air quality amid repeated epidemics?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-15      Origin: Site

    When the epidemic situation recurs, it is easy for the plan to go to waste. Although I have been used to wearing a mask in the past two years, I still have a deep desire to go back to the past, walk on the street at will, and travel around when I have time to see the motherland. Great rivers and mountains. It is undeniable that the repeated outbreak of the epidemic has disrupted the work and life of many people. It is not only the doctors, patients and the deceased that are closely related to it, but also countless ordinary people such as you and me.

    A netizen wrote:

    If you are an employee, you may be constantly worried about the risk of being laid off.

    If you are the boss, you may be racking your brains on how to stabilize the company's capital chain.

    If you are a doctor or a grassroots cadre, you may have not rested for a month.

    If you are a student, you may be worried about your graduation thesis while suffering from the "devastation" of online courses.

    There is no doubt that the epidemic has a huge impact on individuals and countries.

    Productivity affects business operations, which in turn affects economic capacity and employment, creating a chain reaction. Losses in the service industry are well known, like the plummeting box office at movie theaters. Another example is the catering industry, which can generate more than 4 trillion in sales throughout the year. After the outbreak of the epidemic, it is no longer possible to have meals with peace of mind.

    With the outbreak of the epidemic, we went out less frequently, and gathered very few times. Some people even stopped holding family gatherings in their homes, for fear that people would get sick from time to time and spread to each other. We can't let the epidemic be eliminated immediately at this moment, but what we can do is wear masks, wash hands frequently, avoid crowds, and stay at home.

    There are more than 900 types of indoor air pollutants, but they can be roughly divided into three categories:

    1. Gas pollutants.

    Main sources Home improvement building furniture materials, fuel combustion, cooking, second-hand smoke

    2. Microbial contaminants.

    Such as allergic reactions, viruses, fungi and microorganisms that are easy to breed in indoor humid places.

    3. Inhalable particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5)

    It is not difficult to solve these three types of air pollution. An air purifier can make the indoor air look brand new. If you don’t go to the forest, you will feel like you are in nature.

air purifier

air purifiers

    AIR580G is a household air purifier developed by Airbrisk. Its outer side is a HEPA mesh filter layer, which can effectively remove PM2.5, smoke, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases, and can effectively remove odors, odors, and effective antibacterial. , sterilization function. Particulate CADR: 580m³/h, formaldehyde CADR: 180m³/h, suitable for 41~70m² space.

    Unique ring-shaped combined filter: initial effect + high-efficiency HEPA + activated carbon filter + graphene layer, research shows that bacterial cells cannot grow on graphene, so graphene has high-efficiency antibacterial effect, using high-quality activated carbon, rich in giant It can absorb a variety of home improvement gaseous pollutants, smoke and life odors. Professional UV ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection, directional sterilization of bacteria and viruses attached to the HEPA filter, and the sterilization rate of Escherichia coli, influenza virus, and Staphylococcus aureus reaches 99.99%.

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