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Often stay for air conditioner room, can let the body become "sub-health"?

Author: Airbrisk Air Conditioner     Publish Time: 2022-07-04      Origin: Airbrisk Aircon

     With the attention of the COVID-19, the health of air-conditioned rooms is mentioned by more users. How should we do a good health protection in air-conditioned rooms?How to achieve healthy breathing in the air-conditioning room?

Firstly, the respiratory tract becomes "fragile"

     Once the air conditioning breaks through the fragile "defense line" of the respiratory tract, we maybe have cough, sneezing, runny nose and other cold symptoms ever pneumonia.At the same time, the dust and dust mites in the house can not flow out, and people with allergies are also prone to allergic reactions.

Suggestion: Pay attention to the temperature transition when you often go in and out of the air-conditioned room, for example, raise the temperature or turn off the air conditioner first.When entering the door,you must first put the sweat dry.If cold symptoms occur, go to the hospital in time to avoid deterioration and cross-infection.

Secondly,The brain nerve gets out of balance

      People who often sit in the air-conditioned room say, "I feel dizzy, I look dizzy, and I still forget things."This is the common brain nerve imbalance reaction caused by air conditioning disease.Air conditioning in the car adds some danger to the nerve damage to the driver's brain.Many drivers used to open air conditioning, sometimes inexplicably feel tired, headache, different degrees of numbness of the hands and feet and other symptoms.Meanwhile,summer is easy to feel sleepy, and the brain does not listen to the work,so it is easy to have traffic accidents.

Suggestion: try to avoid staying in the air conditioning room for a long time, but also often open the window for ventilation, to ensure that the indoor and outdoor air convection, boot 1-3 hours to close the air conditioning for a period of time, open the window to breathe fresh air, natural cold air is the best.For the driver, if the car is very hot, do not immediately turn on the air conditioning, first open the window to discharge the heat and then turn on the air conditioning, the temperature is not too low, and it is best not to smoke.

Thirdly, Joints and stomach are easy to catch cold

Young people tend to do not pay much attention to the joint pain caused by air conditioning, but long blowing air conditioning will have such and such problems.Summer outdoor air burning, people generally wear less, but indoor air conditioning blowing badly, clothes so thin, such low temperature environment can stimulate blood vessels contraction, blood flow, joint joints, cold, pain, like neck and back stiffness, waist and limbs pain, cold hands and feet numbness is a common reaction.

     Suggestion: for a long time working in the office, office building work, especially the people who often sit in the office, might as well prepare a long-sleeved trousers clothes in the company.If there are elderly people, children in the home, the air conditioning temperature should not be adjusted too low, and open for half an hour to an hour is closed for a while, or try to use natural wind refrigeration.

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