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How To Solve The Problem Of Air Conditioner Without Cooling?

Author: Airbrisk Air Conditioning     Publish Time: 2022-06-20      Origin: Airbrisk Air Conditioning

In the early summer period, the use frequency of air conditioning gradually improved, air conditioning is not refrigeration is a fault problem we often encounter.We need to find the reason why air conditioning is not cool to find ways to respond.

1.Too long service life

Reason analysis: the long-used old air conditioning machine will also appear a lot of problems, the old air conditioning are using Freon as a refrigerant, this refrigerant for a long time of use process will cause some leakage and volatilization, and lead to air conditioning not cooling.

Solution: If it is because of the Freon leakage in the air conditioning machine, as long as you add enough refrigerant, it can be used normally.It mainly depends on whether the pipe is broken, and whether there is improper operation in the installation.

2.Insufficient voltage

Reason analysis: if the normal use voltage of the air conditioning is not reached, it will not cool.The normal start of the air conditioning voltage is 220V, the domestic voltage is 220V.In general, the air conditioning without refrigeration voltage problem is very small.

3.Air-conditioning size

Reason analysis: air conditioning is not Cooling is also related to the size of air conditioning, not only the size of air conditioning and the size of the use of space.Under normal circumstances, 1 horse air conditioner can be used in an area of 10 square meters, 1.5 horse air conditioning can provide 10 square-18 square meters size room use, so that the size of various sizes of space used air conditioning.

Solution: choose the appropriate size of air conditioning to ensure that the air conditioning has normal refrigeration effect.

4.Daily maintenance

Reason analysis: air conditioning does not refrigeration reason is in the daily maintenance is not done well.

Solution: in the cleaning of the indoor and outdoor machine above to do well, especially the radiator of the external machine, do not let the dust accumulate too much, which will cause the air conditioning machine heat dissipation is good and affect the refrigeration effect of the air conditioning.Air conditioning internal machine is also to often do a good job of maintenance, especially the internal machine filter screen, to do a good job of cleaning, so as to ensure that the air conditioning can bring us a healthy environment, will not cause indoor air pollution.

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