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Air Conditioner Production Management Processes And Standards

Author: Airbrisk Air Conditioner     Publish Time: 2022-07-08      Origin: Airbrisk Air Conditioner

1. Standardization

Establish a standardized production process

With the intensification of competition in the same industry, how to improve the execution efficiency of production has become an important goal of enterprise operation.

In the process of enterprise development, AIRBRISK pays attention to absorbing and implementing reasonable management concepts,Realize the standardized management of each link in the production process, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise.

We insist on starting from the production site and ensure the unity and standardization of the production environment by establishing practical plans and measures. From product design, to procurement, to production, to packaging, each process has been standardized process design by technical experts, and professional technicians are equipped to control the process operation. We firmly believe that only by establishing a standardized production process and strictly controlling Each production link can guarantee the quality of the product.

production standard

2. Realize measurable management

In the procurement stage before entering mass production, our inspection department will carry out strict inspection of external components. Testing, which is the key to controlling product quality, this high-quality testing process is A segment also exists. We firmly believe that only by ensuring product quality can meet customer needs, and reasonable regulations The planned monitoring process is beneficial to the standardization of the product production process.

air conditioner quality

2.1 LED indoor monitoring system

LED indoor monitoring system is not a simple safety control, it is a complete set of quality inspection system, the defect rate is less than 0.0005%

2.2 Aging test

Aging test to ensure the durability of product performance 3 key components: cold catalyst filter, honeycomb activated carbon filter, HEPA high efficiency filter

2.3 Control process

Practice strict control process, we must pass the test 100% from employee training

Airbrisk  Committed to the research of air conditioners, air coolers, air purifiers, dehumidifiers and continue to deepen the research on air conditioner. We also aims to achieve standardized and standardized production processes, formulate flexible production organization procedures, and run multiple production lines in parallel to ensure enterprise production efficiency.

air conditioner quality control

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